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This Privacy Policy applies to anyone who visits the website.​

1. Management
The website is managed by  Aqua-licious. The contact information can be found on http:// www.

2. Data from visitors

2a Some data that comes from one or more visits to are permanently preserved, but anonymous. The data will therefore never be traced back to a person or organization.
 2b  Aqua-licious  ensures good security of the stored data.

Aqua-licious can use the data provided by the customer for the following purposes:

2c Sending one or more emails such as, but not limited to, an email that includes login credentials.2d The (occasional) attention of a product, tip, dexterity et cetera, which Aqua-licious  thinks can contribute to a more successful website for the visitor.


3. Cookies

3a  Aqua-licious  uses cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the visitor's computer by a page of the website. Such a cookie provides information such as certain visitor preferences. As a result,  Aqua-licious can serve the visitor even better on another visit.
 3b The visitor can decide for himself how to deal with cookies. He can set up his browser in such a way that it allows, does not allow or partially allow the use of cookies. In the latter case, it can be set up which websites are allowed to place cookies. All other websites will then ban it. This capability is offered by the most commonly used modern browsers.3c Cookies can always be removed from a computer, again via the browser.


4. Use analysis website

For optimizing our website,  Aqua-licious  uses Google Analytics. This tool can capture your click behavior. Your session can also be recorded. Of course completely anonymous and we can never link the behavior to a person.


5. Questions
Visitors can contact Aqua-licious with their questions about this Privacy Policy.  The contact information is listed on the website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy.

6. Disclaimer

Aqua-licious  is entitled to change the content of the Privacy Policy without notifying the visitor. The implementation of the change on the website is sufficient for this.

7. Provide data to third parties

Data provided by the customer to  Aqua-licious  will never be passed on to third parties. However, there is an exception to this rule:

7a When a court order has been issued to provide data.

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